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    Aluminum Titanium Boron


    Chemical composition:
    B:1%;Fe≤0.20; Si≤0.20%;BalanceAl

         Used as modifying agent,grain fefiner when casting AlSi alloy and general casting pieces. It's mainly used in grain refining of Al and Aluminum alloy to improve their performance and superficial quality.It is convenient to add and only small quantity can reach obvious efficacy. It's broadly used in field of aluminum casting, aluminum cable, aluminum foil, and so on.

    Using method:
         1.Baking before using
         2.Operation temperature:680
         3.Joint quantity:Self controlled by calculation and test according to actual condition.
         4.Joint method:After digging up the scum,plunge the additives slightly to the Al liquid and mix evenly,keep immersing for 5-10 minutes.

    Shape and packing:     
         Coil:180-220kg/coil, 3 coils/pallet
         Special shape,size and packing can be adjusted on request from the customers.

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