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    Potassium Fluoroborate

    Name of Product: Potassium Fluoroborate

    Molecular Formula: KBF4

    Molecular Weight: 125.90

    Exterior /Appearance: The product is a white powder

    Property: 2.498g/cm3, able to flow freely, slightly soluble in water and hot alcohol.

    Melting point(decomposition temperature): 350

    Usage: It’s used in the preparation of fluxes required by metal processing industries, for metal surface treatment, and in the manufacture of aluminium, titanate and boron alloys. It is also used as a component for the fabrication of  grinding wheel and abrasive disc to reduce the operating temperature, as a fire retardant for cotton and  artificial fiber , and an erodent for the removal of exposed lead circuit board.

    Packing: In polyethylene bag with woven plastic sack outer, 25kg or 1000kg net each. Or up to customers request.

    HS Code: 28269000

    Specifications: (refer to the standard Q/OHNN007-2002)

    KBF4 ≥98%

    Impurity composition:

    Impurity name






    Moisture H2O




    Calcium (Ca)


    Magnesium (Mg)




    Caution at transportation: common chemicals, non-hazardous.

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